About us

We provide high quality tea made with care.

From the early Bronze Age to the 21st century, a tradition approach of brainstorming and a mindset to promote healthy lifestyle is what led to VEDIC LEAVES.

A smile and the warmth of the hand is what we need as a perfect blend infused with the nature’s gift.
Vedic leaves is directly hand plucking from hills of Kashmir and Dronagiri, giving you the best herbs to provide aid and help towards the health.

It is our mission to provide an orthodox blend that can be incorporated into one’s day-to-day routine to benefit every individual. We are completely devoted towards the quality of our products, and we strive to serve our customers with the best blends of herbs so you can relish the taste of natural leaves in your cup.

What We Stand For

The term VEDIC is derived from the word “Ayurveda” which means Combination of diet, herbal treatment for treating illnesses whereas the LEAVES is an expression for nature/healing herbs.

What we quote is “We Are the Advocates of Our Lifestyles”, and gradually have begun to include green tea in our daily lives. Together, let’s end conventional medical practices and shift our attention to alternative systems of care.

” Let us redefine the future of wellness….”