What is the most effective time for green tea?

People usually enjoy having a cup of green tea any time around the clock due to its taste and healthy, medicinal benefits. But what happens if we start drinking Green Tea for a particular cause. We usually tend to see that people ask what’s is the most effective time to drink green tea or when can we have it, “before meal or after meal”.
With the complete research we would like to share that there is not particular time defined to have a green, just avoid it having right before the meal. The effectiveness of the green tea depends on what’s problem you are targeting.
For e.g.

When comes to the detoxification: Then having green tea early in the morning will help in detoxification. It’s the catechin which has the rich antioxidant properties and helps in washing out of toxic remains. The reason behind this is because ingredients such as mint, lemongrass act as powerful ingredients in morning to wash out the toxics. Thus, we recommend to increase the water intake while having detox teas as most of the toxic are remove in form of urine or sweat and thus can lead to dehydration.
When it comes to digestion: Having green tea approx.30 minutes after meal is necessary. This is because of the polyphenols which help in digestion of food properly. The reason behind this is, the use of green tea with turmeric, cardamom, rosemary, fennel seeds which has an ultimate anti-inflammatory and digestion properties helping you to digest food instantly and eventually eliminating bloating in stomach.

When it comes to immunity: Having green tea at brunch time between 4pm-6pm is good as at that particular time, the food is completely digested and helps in better absorption of nutrients. The main reason to have green tea at brunch time is because of the ingredients. We usually see Tulsa, ginger, giloi, ashwagnadha which are ultimate source immunity booster but when infused with the green tea leaves may become hard and may not get absorbed in body properly. So it better to have green at time of brunch when absorption of body is at maximum

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